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Duct Cleaning & Decontamination

We perform to
NADCA, NAIMA, & EPA standards

[Residential & Commercial]

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When to Clean Your Ducts

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~ Duct Cleaning & Decontamination ~

Why Clean Your Ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning reduces excessive airborne dust and particles, unclogs restricted air ducts and registers, and removes impacted material from blower fans and air conditioning coils.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria (on metal ductwork*) can be removed and sanitized.

family and pets

We guarantee that you will see and feel the difference!


Air Care can completely remove mold, mildew and bacterial infestations (on metal systems only*) using a certified Mold remediation protocol. All microbial remediations will receive post-remediation lab testing to verify that a successful remediation has been performed.

* Note: We remove and replace infected fiberglass or insulated ductwork.

For Moisture/Smoke/Odor Removal: Click Here

8 Steps to Healthy Ducts...

  1. A trained technician will connect an 8" vacuum hose (capable of moving 4,000 cubic feet of air per minute) to your air duct system. Each outlet is sealed off and a powerful vacuum is created within the system.

  2. The technician removes each grill, one at a time, cleaning it thoroughly and air blasts the first few feet of the duct, cleaning the entrance area.

  3. Duct cleaning
  4. He then inserts a tool called an air sweep, which is fastened to a high pressure air hose, and sends it down the entire length of distribution ducts. This air sweep breaks loose the dirt, grime, fungus, and virus-holding material. This material is then sucked along the duct to the trunk lines.

  5. The technician will replace the grill and clean around it with a HEPA Vac cleaner. He repeats these steps for each grill - until all the supply and return lines have been completed.

  6. The trunk lines (lines which carry the air between the furnace and the lateral ducts) are swept and brushed clean in the same manner.

  7. The technician will clean the fan, blower compartment, plenum, AC coil, return air compartment and the air handling side of the furnace with 200psi air pressure and a vacuum. Every line is checked for cleanliness and rechecked!

  8. As a final step in the cleaning process, an anti-microbial treatment, which retards the growth of mold, mildew, algae, fungi and other disease causing organisms, is applied to the appropriate areas.

  9. The technician will complete a thorough clean-up of the entire work area.

Duct Cleaning Duct Cleaning Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Duct Cleaning Duct Cleaning


More than a cleaning; we decontaminate your system and provide you with an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Profile.

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When is it Time to clean your air ducts?

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